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Mission Trip

Contribute to IWU Mission Trip
Olympic Level | $1,000
All-American Level | $500
All-Conference Level | $250
All-State Level | $100
MVP Level | $75
All-Star Level | $50
Champion | $25

Dear Friends and Family -

Our basketball team has made a list of the important people in our lives. I hope you don't mind that I've included you.

Here is why: my goal is to raise $2,100 for our team's mission trip to the Dominican Republic this July. As you know, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful but poverty-stricken nation. I am so excited to be committing my summer to impact other for the sake of Christ.

During this trip we will work on community and infastructure projects like the GO Ministries Leadership Development Complex. A place where individuals of all ages can go to buy food, play sports, attend classes, and most importantly, learn about Christ. Throughout the week, we will also bring smiles to kids of all ages as we teach them the game of basketball.

Our program talks a lot about the true meaning of success. While today's culture says success is determined by wins, we believe that it should be measured by the growith of others. I can think of no better way to live this out than a mission trip. This trip is going to bring our team closer together as we look outside ourselves to uplift people around us. You can have an incredible impact on my life, my teammates' lives, and most importantly, the lives of the Dominicans we will serve. I am grateful for your support and will continue to make you proud. I would also ask that you commit to praying for our team as we seek to make a lasting impact for the kingdom.